Learn To Properly Care for Your Bamboo Plant

Ocoee Bamboo Farm offers people bamboo of several different varieties that range in maturity, appearance, and other characteristics. As advocates of bamboo growing, our team strives to educate our customers on proper bamboo care and maintenance.


After you plant your new bamboo plant in the ground, it is very important to keep the soil very moist for the first month or two. This ensures the survival of the bamboo plant and promotes new growth, including new shoots.

We recommend using a dedicated hose to constantly drip water onto the soil for one to two bamboo plants. For a row of three or more, our team suggests using a digital hose time connected to a polyline with a drip emitter.

Month Three Onwards

The bamboo can survive without irrigation after one to two months of proper care. However, continuing to irrigate the plant will promote more rapid and heavier growth. Most bamboo varietals like well-drained soil so keeping it moist but not flooded is key.

Ask a Bamboo Expert

Each type of bamboo has unique needs and preferences. Some varieties like to be heavily watered, while others only need a couple of pints every week or so. So we recommend asking your local plant expert for advice in caring for uncommon varietals.

Talk to Us Today

If you have questions or concerns about growing bamboo, you can reach out to our team today and they’ll answer any inquiries you have. We are more than happy to help you become an excellent bamboo caretaker.