At Ocoee Bamboo Farm, We truly believe that bamboo is the absolute option for adding privacy walls, partitions, barriers, and privacy above fence lines. Our outdoor space privacy solutions are aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, sustainable, and fast-growing making them ideal for the modern home.

Benefits of keeping a bamboo plant

Apart from its privacy and aesthetic uses, a bamboo plant can give you a variety of benefits. It can act as a food supply since most bamboo shoots can be eaten raw or cooked. A house bamboo plant can also be used as material for emergency carpentry repairs.
Finally, bamboo has a very fast growth rate and requires no pesticides or herbicides to maintain. This makes it one of the more cost-efficient house plants to own.
Bamboo has many other features including, but not limited to:

  • Functions as Natural Fencing

  • Can be Used as an Elegant Ornamental Wall

  • Creates Beautiful Sounds When the Wind Blows

  • Absorbs Greenhouse gasses

  • Confers a Tropical Look to the Space

  • Provides Shade

  • Can Serve as an Effective Wind Barrier

  • Can Serve as a Privacy Wall

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